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Manual Therapy

Decrease pain, improve mobility and increase range of motion. Manual therapy involves a combination of hands-on techniques to include, but not limited to Chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilization.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Long lasting pain modulation, improve mobility and increase range of motion. Exercise rehabilitation involves a combination of corrective exercises, strengthening exercises and specific active myofascial stretching in order to increase capacity, and prevent injuries.

Functional Nutrition

Decrease inflammation, improve recovery and body composition. Functional nutrition involves a combination of nutritional strategies specific to the client that can range from simple dietary changes to functional labs to take athletic performance to the next level.

SportsLab SoCal Performance

A joint by joint approach to your specific needs allows us to teach your body to own essential positions through a large range of motion in order to improve whole body movement, self-awareness and strength.  Using a combination of all techniques mentioned above we aim to increase the capacity of the human frame, therefore preventing injury and achieving peak performance. Offered at both 30 and 60 minute appointments.

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